Frequently Asked Questions

What is subscription marketing?

Subscription marketing is an affordable, easy way to efficiently manage your digital marketing strategy and initiatives. Pay one price every month and enjoy a multitude of marketing services and membership perks. Visit our Memberships page to learn more!

What are the differences between HIVE packages?

HIVE offers two pre-designed packages to fit your needs. Both are highly valuable for the nominal cost and include all of the digital marketing resources a business owner or nonprofit executive needs to be successful. The KNOWN membership takes care of the basics, plus provides you with training and all HIVE membership benefits, including discounts and exclusive events. The LOVED membership includes everything from the KNOWN membership plus a more in-depth marketing support plan. Let us do the work for you! The third package is your call. Pair any A LA CARTE services as you see fit! We’re happy to help and advise as needed.

Can I add an A LA CARTE offering to my existing HIVE membership package?

Yes, and you’ll save money doing it. Contact us for pricing!

Am I required to sign an annual contract?

No. This is a month-to-month service. Your credit card will be debited on the first of each month for services rendered for that month. If you wish to discontinue your service, we require a 30-day cancellation period as we are continuously researching and developing content for your brand. We provide a 10 percent discount if you are willing to sign up for an entire year and pay in advance.

Are there discounts if I sign up for an entire year?

Yes, a 10% discount will apply if you sign the Service Level Agreement effective for a period of one year from the date of signing. You will be invoiced twice during the year; once at the beginning of the Agreement for six months and then again after six months for the second six months of the Agreement.

Are there any hidden costs?

There are no hidden costs for products and services listed in the Agreement. If CLIENT requires product or service beyond the scope of the Agreement, a written proposal will be provided to the CLIENT. Work will commence on the additional projects only after written approval from the CLIENT. Please note that sales tax will apply in accordance to the laws of the State of New York.

What is Trademark Watch and why is it included in my membership?

Trademark Watch service is the process of retaining a third party for the purpose of monitoring the marketplace for unauthorized or improper uses of one’s marks. Trademark watching detects any conflicting trademark applications around the U.S. at the moment of publication. This allows the trademark owner to file oppositions in time to stop third-party incursion. Trademark watching is done in to prevent infringement. We consider your brand to have great value and something that must be protected from infringement. Once you sign up, you will receive Watch Notices with all potential infringements of your registered trademarks in the US. If you need assistance with registering your trademark, please call us. We can help.

Are there discounts for nonprofit agencies?

Yes! HIVE is committed to the work of nonprofit organizations in Western New York. Please contact us for pricing.

Who is my point-of-contact if I have questions or need assistance?

You will be assigned a Brand Manager who will be in regular contact with you and will be responsible for overall performance and client satisfaction.

Why is Trademark Watch Important to You?

You have spent countless hours and hundreds of thousands of dollars into creating the successful brand you have today. This is your property and no other business has a right to it. We make sure of this by monitoring all new companies formed nationally every day and alerting you of any infringements on your intellectual property. We can also provide GLOBAL trademark watch for an additional price.

Are there Discounts for Non-Profit Organizations?

Yes, at HIVE we have a commitment to not-for-profit organizations. We offer the BEE LEGENDARY level of service for $750 instead of the standard $1,000 for for-profit businesses.

I need more than one person in my organization to have access to the Social and Project Management Dashboard. Is this possible?

Your HIVE subscription includes one license for the Social and Project Management Dashboard. This license can be shared amongst individuals as long as they are not logging on concurrently. Additional licenses may be purchased for $50/month/each. Please contact your Brand Manager if you would like to purchase additional licenses.


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